Lazo Reggae in Toronto, Canada Award-Winning Reggae Artist in Toronto, Canada

Better Give
Than Receive
Never Give Up

Award-Winning Reggae Artist & Philanthropist


Juno award winning artist LAZO hails from Dominica in the Caribbean and performs his amazing reggae music all over the globe. Former lead singer for the Wailers, LAZO reproduces the greatest hits of BOB MARLEY as well as his own original hits which are every bit as legendary. His uncanny ability to connect with any audience as well as his feel-good vibe and positive stage presence make him the perfect choice for your entertainment needs.

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An Informed Environmentalist

In addition to being a top reggae performer, Lazo is also a socially aware environmentalist. He uses his platform as a music artist to spread conservational awareness and talk about the human struggle. His music isn't just entertainment, but also educational, which he refers to as "edutainment." That's why many of his songs contain lyrics that talk about real issues. His empathy for the human condition and destruction of nature runs deep, as does his love of being a Canadian of Caribbean descent.

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