Lazo With Guitar In Front Of the Jamaican Flag

Lazo Reggae in Toronto

Lazarus J. Finn (Lazo) began his music career at 15 years of age with a band called Black Blood, whose very first album charted #2 and received extensive airplay in the Caribbean. Soon after immigrating to Canada, Lazo formed his own band, Unity, to showcase his original compositions. Upon relocating to Toronto, ON, he created Lazo Reggae in Toronto, and released the well-received recording, "Satisfaction Guaranteed." Lazo subsequently produced two solo CDs, "Something Real" and "Impetus," for RAS records in Washington, DC. He was the first Canadian artist signed to the label.

"Impetus" was such a strong effort that it was the first independent album to chart on Vancouver's Z95.3 (Top 30). Lazo's music video, "Crucial," produced by Video Fact and RAS Records reached #3 on the charts in Guyana, South America. It also received extensive play on the Caribbean Satellite Network (CSN) and rotated heavily on Black Entertainment Television (BET) in America. Lazo's 2010 release, "Passin Thru" (Y.T. Records) brings out the best in him. It is a true testament to his songwriting abilities, a must for industry and fans alike.

Affectionately embraced year after year as the SunFest crowd's favorite, Lazo has been nicknamed "Mr. SunFest." Well-deserved Artistic Director "Alfredo Caxaj" recently touted, "Is it any wonder we've invited him back for the 20th year in a row?"

Lazo tours tirelessly throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. His list of international venues and festivals is ever growing, such as Brazil's Carnaval de Salvador, El Salvador, Argentina, and more. In 2010, he toured the United States and South America as a member of the world-renowned Wailers. The group was Bob Marley's original backup band, featuring Aston "Family-Man" Barrett on bass, and the legendary Keith Sterling on keys. The South American leg of the tour included African Reggae Star, Alpha Blondie.

Additionally, Lazo fronts for Craig Martin's Classic Albums Live: Bob Marley - Legend. He performed at venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, and many theatres across the US and Canada. Craig recently commented to a fan, "Lazo has always been an exception to the rule- I can't control him, and yet I can't see me doing the show without him."

Lazo has also performed at Exodus, the amazing tribute show for Bob Marley. His tribute show to the famous reggae artist is a must see.

Lazo Film Strip

More Than a Reggae Artist

Besides creating music, Lazo's other passion is food security. A graduate of the University of Toronto (with a degree in political science), he is a true environmentalist. He supports Black farmers so much that he has started growing his own food.

Lazo also has strong feelings about growing organic products, establishing community farms, and collective framing. He started doing this in Toronto with the Black Creek Community Center and the Black Farmers Collective. These organizations also help shelters and senior groups by donating food to the community. This way people in their communities are able to receive good food anytime.

Awards and Recognition

As an award-winning reggae artist, Lazo was chosen as the Top Reggae Performer of the Year from the internationally recognized Canadian Reggae Music Awards. Along with many Juno (Canadian equivalent to the Grammy) nominations, he garnered a Juno award in 2000 for Best Reggae Recording for his album, "Heart and Soul." The optimism shared from his beautiful composition, "Love Is on Your Side" captured a Juno nomination in 2001 as did another album "Something Real" in 1995. If you want to learn more about Lazo, email him today. He will answer all of your questions.